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About TaxRefundPro

We believe in making tax rebates simple!

We specialise in helping UK taxpayers claim tax relief for work expenses, like mileage tax rebates, mechanics' tools refunds, work secondment tax rebates for overseas employees, professional athletes tax rebates, and many others...

We also offer tax return services to CIS contractors, Landlords and self employed individuals.

Unlike many accountants, we offer FREE advice.

For tax refunds, we operate on a "No refund, No Fee" basis. Our percentage fee is automatically deducted from your refund. You can view our rates on our website.

For Tax return services, we charge either a small flat fee of £99 + VAT per tax return or 12% of any refund you may be due back from HMRC.

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Carers & Nurses, Claim Your Full Mileage Allowance!

Many domiciliary carers, district nurses, midwives and NHS health workers enquire if they are due a tax rebate in relation to their business mileage. Although the answer may vary depending on you...